Be Mine by Laura Kasischke

 Sherry Seymour is a middle-aged college professor who has been in a stable marriage for over twenty years, and has successfully raised a son who is now away at college. Sherry is content in teaching her classes, visiting her sick father and caring for her husband and son- when he’s home. Valentine’s Day brings change, and a surprise in the mailbox. A note shows up addressed to Sherry, simply saying “Be mine”. The prospect of a mystery lover provides a boost to Sherry’s self-esteem and excites her husband’s imagination and sexual desire, but what is initially different and exciting leads to myriad unexpected consequences for Sherry and her family.

Laura Kasischke’s Be Mine is an entertaining read. It’s thoughtful, suspenseful and pretty steamy. Don’t let anyone read this book over your shoulder! Though Sherry’s story is told from her perspective, her character is presented with depth, and exposes curiosities in her way of thinking which lead the reader to question her interpretation and handling of the situations in which she finds herself. Kasischke provides solid grounding of Sherry’s life, its main players, and events shaping her personality. I liked the slow build, the use of scenery and nature for foreshadowing and sense of foreboding, and the eventual twists and turns. The character arcs and resolutions are ones that really left me thinking about vanity, identity and how easy it is for a chance event to deeply affect the course of a life. Recommended.

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