Do People Actually Eat At Book Expo America? Or My Favorite Places To Eat In New York City! Pt.2

Fish Tacos from Agave West Village
Fish Tacos from Agave West Village

Are you running out of places to eat yet?  Here are a few more of my favorites that are scattered around the city!

A Cafe And Wine Room –  Before I looked it up, I always knew this place as A. Self-described as organic French Caribbean cuisine, it is probably one of the best restaurants that I have been to and it is a lot of fun.  It’s BYOB (with no corkage fee) and a really small and intimate space.  You get such personal attention that it is usually the chef that comes over and discusses the menu with you, and he will recommend dishes if you need a little help deciding between all of the goodness.  Up in the Columbia area, it’s out of the way of the Javits and mid-town, but worth a visit if you have the time. (updated 3/3/2019- sadly, now closed)

Agave – I was just here on Monday night with Candace, Swapna and Dawn.  You can ask them if I steered them wrong.  I sometimes forget how much I love corn until I have it a Mexican restaurant.  Their corn is delicious! Their margaritas are tasty and the staff was friendly.  The menu has lots of innovative and more traditional Mexican fare.  I am partial to their lemon ricotta pancakes at brunch – they are some of the best I have had – and if you refer back to the first post you will know that I am really picky about pancakes.

Gray’s Papaya – I find that I eat them less and less, but I still love a good hot dog, and at Gray’s they grill them!  I haven’t had a boiled hot dog since I was a child. Molly asked people attending BEA to have a hotdog for her since she can’t be with us this time, but I told her mine had to be grilled. This would be the hot dog that I had on her behalf.  They have a few locations through the city, and if you see a Nathan’s around, I think their hot dogs are just as tasty.

Turkish Kitchen – Despite the fact that it is on the East Side, Turkish Kitchen is my go-to place when I am in the mood for Turkish food.  I like the atmosphere, they have great drinks, Turkish wine and I love their phyllo rolls, dumplings in yogurt and garlic sauce, and their doner kebab.  They have really great lunch specials and a killer baklava.  I wasn’t even a fan of that dessert until I had it here.  Now I sample it all over the place, and I always get it for dessert when I go here.

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