Fracture by Megan Miranda

Megan Miranda’s Fracture is about the aftermath of an accident that leaves Delaney Phillips dead for eleven minutes before she is rescued and revived by the vigilance of her best friend.

Fracture is precisely plotted and the action starts immediately. Miranda has a great combination of relatable and lovable in her characters Delaney Maxwell and Decker Phillips. Their relationship always seemed real in that it had been so close but it was also changing, not only because of their feelings for one another, but under  the strain of Decker’s guilt. It doesn’t help that  Delaney is at a loss and searching for someone who understands her near death experience and the frightening manifestations and attempts on her life that have occurred since her awakening. I liked that the paranormal element of the story was something that could also be scientifically considered in addition to being just plain creepy. I also really loved how Miranda delved into the troubled relationship Delaney has with her mother now that they are both coming to terms with how she has changed, and how it affects that parameters of their relationship.

Thoughtful and moving, Fracture can be read as a standalone or, like me, you can anxiously await Decker’s side of the story, coming in 2014. Whoot! Highly recommended.

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