From The Memoirs of A Non-Enemy Combatant by Alex Gilvarry

From the Memoirs of A Non-Enemy Combatant, Alex Gilvarry’s debut novel about a young women’s fashion designer imprisoned in Guantanamo Bay after implication in a terrorist plot, may seem like a downer but its engaging protagonist, smart observations, and dark humor make it a fabulous and poignant read that is not to be missed. While sitting in Gitmo, Boy Hernandez relates a story that is touching in its honesty, and in how ordinary its occurrence throughout history. Struggling to get by as a fashion designer he takes help from a shady individual, whom presumably, he should have investigated more vigilantly. However, none of Boy’s decisions veer far from those that any of us have made, or will make again in negotiating the complications and gray areas of life. You’ll recognize yourself in Boy’s story as he juggles his dreams, girl problems, money woes and nascent success. Gilvarry ‘s prose is both conversational and confessional, hitting all the right notes in this bittersweet rendering of the American Dream gone tragically awry. Highly Recommended.

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