The Girl Who Became A Beatle by Greg Taylor

Regina Bloomsbury loves being in The Caverns, a mostly cover band she formed with her high school classmates Lorna, Danny, and Julian – on whom she has a crush. Unfortunately, the gigs that they have played have been few and far between. Another band wants to recruit Lorna and Danny, and Regina is under pressure to do something quick. In frustration she wishes her band were as big as The Beatles, and her fairy godmother really comes through when she replaces The Beatles in history with The Caverns.

The Girl Who Became A Beatle, by Greg Taylor is a fast paced and charming read using a fairy godmother figure and wish fulfillment to explore the greener grass of stardom. Regina discovers that being the golden goose is problematic in that she is mostly at odds with the band and her family, and she has figure out who she is and how she can use her own agency to have the life that she wants.  Fun references to The Beatles and pop culture abound, and Regina is an easy character to identify with and root for as she tries to figure out the best way to make the most of her unique situation.

What I did find distracting is how easily Regina acclimatized to her new world and abandoned the things that had been so important to her only the day before, and a some of the music life details seemed a little off with her traipsing around without regard to her busy schedule of music video tapings and concerts – that would not have happened.  Nor would she have been able to drop by Starbucks with Julian, and she probably wouldn’t have been staying at the Sheraton , not with Beatle like fame.  Quibbles aside, this was great fun, and though there no surprises with respect to the final outcome, I very much enjoyed the ride.

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