Heavens Rise by Christopher Rice

I had high hopes for this one which were mostly fulfilled. The ending is where it went wrong for me. Rice writes absorbing novels that feature nuance in the relationships. People are from different walks of life but still interact with each other. They form friendships and rivalries.

In The Heavens Rise a young gay reporter and his older black mentor team up to get to the bottom of the mysterious events surrounding his best friend, who disappeared with her family shortly before the onslaught of Hurricane Katrina. This is an engaging and creepy read that I really enjoyed it up until the  last quarter. There it took a turn that was entirely too fantastical for my taste. I wouldn’t warn anyone away, because I suspect this is likely a taste thing. Unfortunately the last bits colored (and spoiled) everything that came before for me. It’s still a worthwhile consideration for a creepy reads line up.

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