Sanctus by Simon Toyne

Sanctus by Simon Toyne (September 2012, William Morrow)
I’m a fan of conspiracy theories, if only because I like the idea of alternate explanations and theories for what is so readily accepted as fact, especially when it pertains to religion and science. Toyne introduces a monk determined to expose an ancient church conspiracy, his sister who has long thought him dead, and the two opposing factions who want to reach the both of them for the means to their own ends. Sanctus is the first in a trilogy, and as such many of the character’s stories are still unfolding. I like that there are strong female characters mixed in with the usual suspects (church heads, curious detectives), an interesting story line and a surprise at the end that I did not see coming. The pace is a fast one, and Toyne’s cinematic writing makes this a visual read (and a visceral one, there were some rituals and autopsies performed that had me squirming), the scenes pop from the pages. Other than it being a tad long, I’m looking forward to the next books in the series.

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