The Oregon Experiment by Keith Scribner

I am a few chapters into The Oregon Experiment by Keith Scribner and I am really enjoying it so far. It has the complicated characters and rich writing I enjoy when reading. It’s also introducing a pretty unique plot. Naomi used to be a “nose”. The kind whose sense of smell is so acute that she made her living mixing scent for lotions, leathers and perfumes. She loses her smell completely and meets Scanlon, the man who will become her husband. Their relationship is completely based in Naomi’s not having her sense of smell. But when she is pregnant with her first and has just moved across to Oregon so that Scanlon can accept a university appointment, her sense of smell returns, affecting the possibilities for her life and relationships.

There are other themes an plot lines running through the book, and Keith Scribner touches upon some of them in his summary of the book below. So far the book has me in its thrall, and I’m glad to be reading it this week.

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