The Snow Globe by Sheila Roberts

Kiley is seriously down on her luck as Thanksgiving approaches.  Her boyfriend decides that he is in love and proceeds to dump her at Halloween  to start a relationship with her younger sister, and she is lately unemployed.  On an excursion with friends designed to provide some cheer, she spots a snow globe whose history includes making miracles – and feeling in need of one, Kiley splurges on the antique treat.  Excited by the magical possibilities, Kiley doesn’t keep the globe solely for herself, but also shares it with a few good friends in need.

At just 166 pages, The Snow Globe hints at fun, fast holiday romance and good cheer, but delivers with decidedly mixed results.  Had the novella sought to cover one Christmas miracle, this would have been just what the doctor ordered, and indeed Kiley’s story is the most developed and enjoyable of the trio.  We spend Thanksgiving and the days leading up to Christmas watching her come to terms with issues concerning her ex, and embarking on a new romantic relationship with help from the snow globe.  I was enjoying Kiley and would have loved had her story been explored in more detail, but it seemed rushed to its conclusion so that the globe could be passed on to Kiley’s less sympathetic and less interesting friends.

The snow globe hurriedly casts its spell on them, but these later stories especially suffer from brevity and lack of development. Unfortunately, the potential of the collection is never fully realized, though I did enjoy Roberts writing enough to suspect that I might enjoy one of her novel length books.  I loved the cover on this one – and never fear if you do too!  The Snow Globe was unanimously loved by almost everyone else, so it’s entirely possible that it’s just me who was the grinch! 🙂

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