The Weekender | No. 1

Last weekend was all about gathering with my family and watch thing the Super Bowl. One of the teams I actually wanted to bother and wanted to when, and that was exciting, but then the Patriots. Hey. It happens. If last week was about food, family and festivity, this is a return to the basics. Catching up on some errands, doing some organizing, shopping and meal prep for the upcoming week.

Where do I begin with the news? So many scandals and new things I have found to love over the last week.


I was alerted to the A.J. Finn/ Dan Mallory saga when friends on an email chain to pick a date for our next book club started discussing it. The novel-length piece from The New Yorker is here. There is also a tl/dr summary in Vulture and this piece in The Independent which suggests that we can only expect much worse behavior from this author.

In defense of clutter, Barbara Ehrenreich had a little much to say about Marie Kondo, and it came back to bite her.


I read this book over the course of an afternoon and it was so good. Gay lovers try to keep their love alive in the face of unexpected bouts of time travel.

This book is so, so good. I read a digital copy from the library but I plan to buy a hardcover immediately. It resonated with me so much.

Ephemeral & Concrete Plans

Looking forward to spring and a garden party so that I can wear this dress.

A friend of mine has an aversion to “white tears” and I was trying to get her to come with me to Lorena Bobbit screening the Create & Cultivate on Monday night. It was a fail. I love that Jordan Peele is telling this story and I think it’s fascinating that she suffered so much, but it was still all about him.

Random House is getting getting bookish for Galentine’s day, and I have doubled down on events I will be attending that evening. I have looks to consider (but with a sweater)!

Rituals & Soothings

I’ll speak of soothing rituals another time but getting a whisk and bamboo spoon have really elevated my tea game.

Do yourself a favor and get this for when you’re settling in to binge watch your favorite show. I have this inexpensive basin for now, but it’s so easy to fill it up, add a few spoons of foot soak and get some self-care in. I need to do it more.

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