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open-book-656351_640We love recommending the latest and greatest books to you, but there are always books that slip past us for recommendations because they’re already out, or our space is just too limited. As such we’re thrilled to let you peek onto the nightstands of our editors to see what they are all reading and what prompted them to pick it up.

FlyboysJenn Ravey, Contributing Editor: Bibliophile Mystery series by Kate Carlisle and Flyboys: A True Story of Courage by James Bradley/ It’s summer! I’m on a brief break before my summer classes begin, and I have already devoured the first three books in Kate Carlisle’s bibliophile mystery series. I even ordered the next four and am reading Flyboys while I wait for their arrival. Summer reading for me equals cozy mysteries with nonfiction interludes.

Candace Levy, Contributing Editor: Our Souls At Night by Kent Haruf/ One of my most anticipated books for late spring was Haruf’s Our Souls at Night. Finished just Our Souls at Night by Kent Harufdays before the beloved author died, this short novel is our last visit to the fictional town of Holt, Colorado. Get out a box of tissues; this is an emotional read on many levels.

The Wicked and the DivineJen Karsbaek, Editor: The Wicked + The Divine: The Faust Act by Gillen McKelvie and Wilson Cowles/ I’ve been on a big comics kick recently and have been reading a lot of great titles, but the one I just finished (and which blew me away) is The Wicked + The Divine  by Gillen McKelvie and Wilson Cowles. About twelve gods who return every 90 years for a mere two years before they die, The Wicked + The Divine is gorgeously illustrated and absolutely fascinatingly written and now I need to go and find out whenTiny Little Thing I can get the second volume.

Nicole Bonia, Editorial Director: Tiny Little Thing by Beatriz Williams/ Beatriz Williams is one of the names I’ve come to depend on for an engaging summer read, and Tiny Little Thing is no exception. I’m intrigued by the idea of a political wife, especially one who may have married the wrong man.

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