The Readerly Report | 2021 March Madness: Round 1

2021 March Madness: Round 1

Gayle and Nicole kick off Round 1 of the 2021 March Madness tournament, where we narrow down the best book that we’ve both read in the last two years. (We had some input from our Facebook fans as well.) Tune in to find out which books will move on to the next round!

Books mentioned:

In The Dream HouseCarmen Maria MachadoAmazonBookshop
There ThereTommy OrangeAmazonBookshop
The Vanishing HalfBrit BennetAmazonBookshop
Between Two KingdomsSuleika JaouadAmazonBookshop
The Lost ApothecarySarah PennerAmazonBookshop
Sing, Unburied, SingJesmyn WardAmazonBookshop
EducatedTara WestoverAmazonBookshop
The Nickel BoysColson WhiteheadAmazonBookshop
Daisy Jones And The SixTaylor Jenkins ReidAmazonBookshop
Long Bright RiverLiz MooreAmazonBookshop
The DreamersKaren Thompson WalkerAmazonBookshop
Ask Again, YesMary Beth KeaneAmazonBookshop
A Woman Is No ManEtaf RumAmazonBookshop
My Dark VanessaKate Elizabeth RussellAmazonBookshop
Such A Fun AgeKiley ReidAmazonBookshop
In The Dream HouseCarmen Maria MachadoAmazonBookshop
The Last FlightJulie ClarkAmazonBookshop
There ThereTommy OrangeAmazonBookshop
Leave The World BehindRumaan AlamAmazonBookshop
Normal PeopleSally RooneyAmazonBookshop
The Vanishing HalfBrit BennettAmazonBookshop
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