Artemis Fowl: The Graphic Novel by Eoin Colfer & Andrew Donkin

Artemis Fowl: The Graphic Novel is my second experience reading a graphic novel and I really enjoyed reading it, even though I had very mixed feelings about the anti-hero/protagonist Artemis Fowl.  I mostly didn’t like him or the methods he used to retrieve his family fortune.  I was rooting against him for most of the novel.  It’s interesting to note that my 9-year-old cousin read this book too and she didn’t like Artemis either.  While I waffled on how I would characterize his exploits, she immediately labeled him as bad and his mother as crazy.  Always one for strong female characters, she loved that the book had fairies in it- especially when one is a take charge female crime-fighter.

This comic had a more complex style than the Nancy Drew that I read earlier this year.  Complete with FBI styled profiles of each of the characters, it was fun to read and to see the confidential parts of the files which had been blacked out because the information was classified and not to be revealed.  A genius, Artemis comes from a  line of criminals- his father is mysteriously missing and he has taken it upon himself to recover the family fortune through nefarious deeds. At this point in his life, his family is comprised of a Special Ops type bodyguard and the bodyguard’s sister who functions as an assistant to Artemis’ mentally unstable mother.

I loved that the action started right in the first scenes and the characters quickly and firmly established. While I didn’t care that much for Artemis I enjoyed seeing him put his criminal mastermind to work and was entertained by the schemes he concocted.  Artemis’ relationship with, and the fact that he is mostly alone in taking care of his mentally ailing mother serve as grounding for his character and provides some insight into what motivates him.  The story is peopled with fun and entertaining secondary characters who are at times worthy of matching wits with Artemis.  This quick and fun read had intriguing illustrations and sharp dialogue which moved the plot.  Curious to see how Artemis develops, my cousin wants to read more of these graphic novels and I will more than likely be reading along with her!


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I am an Amazon Associate. This book had been a part of my personal library collection until I gave it to my little cousin.

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