Bad Kitty For President by Nick Bruel

Bad Kitty is back and she has some improvements on the way she would like to see the neighborhood run. She doesn’t like all the stray cats running around the place, so she decides she’ll do something about it and begins her campaign for president. Kitty is ready to jump right in and get the party started, but first she has to learn the rules- the ins and outs of securing her party’s nomination and beating the competition- that’s where Uncle Murray and Nick the Narrator come in.

Bad Kitty for President is the perfect introduction to delegates, the Electoral College, campaigning, and the (basically) two party process. It’s not comprehensive, but children, and probably most adults, can benefit from this funny and general overview of the process as illustrated by Bad Kitty and her cohorts. There are some well-illustrated examples and concise definitions of the political process – and the ads Kitty runs, the platform she campaigns on…are not to be missed. Recommended.

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