Book Club Pick: Remembrance by Jude Deveraux

Every now and again my book club likes to venture away from the doom, gloom and deep thoughts of the heavier stuff and to read something a little bit on the lighter side.  This was one of those months.  Last month we read The Last Days of the Lacuna Cabal. The book got very mixed reactions from the club, and not mixed in a some liked it and some didn’t kind of way, but mixed in how they disliked the book. I was in the middle…somewhat, by being indifferent to the characters and what was happening to them. That might be just as bad, maybe worse, than not liking it- still not sure.   But we will save all of that for the eventual review post.

In a stunning move of stating the obvious (brought on no doubt by copious amounts of wine, cheese and crackers), we pointed out Valentine’s Day was on the horizon in February and decided to read a light romance.  Only none of us reads romance all that much.  I suggested what I thought at the time was a favorite of mine from my college years by Jude Deveraux, Remembrance.  It involved another century, a different country and time travel.

Much to my chagrin, it turned out that the book I really wanted to read was A Knight In Shining Armor, by the same author, which also involves another century, a different country and time travel.  See how I confused the two?  Anyway, I have a very hip book club with e-readers and such, so by the time I realized my mistake, it was too late.  I might have to institute a rule about downloading the next book at the meeting.  I think there needs to be a twenty- four-hour grace period, at least.  So, Remembrance it is.

I’m rather curious as to what the discussion will be like for this one because it is written from a point of view I’m not used to seeing and uses several frames and time periods within the narrative- a technique I’m not sure works as well as it could have.  The main character is a romance writer who is telling her story in the midst of writing a story where she is obsessed with her main character. She is also critiquing her industry and romance critics all at the same time.  Deveraux’s character makes some very interesting points and I am curious to see what the others have to say about them, and how the end of this book turns out.  Though I have read it before, I don’t remember how it all gets worked out at the end. So, I guess we will see.

And luckily this romance has a pretty innocuous cover.  One of the members asked me if she would be embarrassed to read it on the train.  Lucky for her I have never been a fan of books with Fabio on the cover.


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