West Village

The Weekender | No. 4

I had some fun reunions over the week. One with some books club ladies in the publishing business that I have known for awhile. We usually have so much going on and so many books to read that we struggle to finish the book, and this month was no exception. But we did have a fun photo shoot with my friend’s dog.

Savor Beauty & Spa had an event at their pop-up shop in Soho that I attended. They are a natural and organic skincare line. Their products appear to be well formulated and light on the scent. I am not buying much new skincare right now as I have a bunch products I want to finish first, but I will be keeping them in my back pocket for new things to try. I really loved the truffle face cream and I may also get a bottle of this.

Last night my outing was dinner with friends at Fedora (one of my neighborhood favorites) and then karaoke. 

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