Pancakes, Butter & Syrup

Yesterday, after 4 miles (literally, not figuratively), I went to Elmo. I walked from my apartment to The American Museum Of Natural History where I met my friend and walked to Elmo, on 20th Street and 7th Avenue. I left at 8:40 to meet her at 9, and then we walked and reached the restaurant by 10:05. Not bad considering we had a leisurely stroll and chat.

Elmo is very cute. I really liked the atmosphere. Open, airy, high ceilings, interesting decorative art, attractive wait staff dressed in sparkly gear. Our waitress danced over to our table and she had on fairy wings and gold sneakers.

Lovely! The service was attentive and pleasant without being overbearing. The brunch itself just wasn’t that great. I had the buttermilk pancakes with bananas and pecans and they tasted like pancakes made from regular pancake mix. They didn’t taste like they were made with buttermilk or like they were whipping up anything from scratch. Probably some of the best service that I received at brunch in NYC. I would go back and give them a try for dinner for that reason alone. My friend was there for dinner and she said it was good. It’s why she wanted to try their brunch.

After brunch we walked back to 68th street where I hopped on the bus. Six miles in one day is good enough for me. There was a time that I would have walked the entire way home, but apparently that tie wasn’t yetserday. It was really hot yesterday and I haven’t been walking as much lately so I think I have to work myself up to eight miles. The bus stop was right in front of Barnes & Noble, and I must say I exercised considerable willpower in not going in and buying a book or ten. Trying to get through “Pride and Prejudice” by Jane Austen. This is probably my second or third time reading it, and it’s really different this time around. Or I should probably say I’m different this time around. I’m finding Elizabeth to be more frustrating and a lot sillier than I have ever found her to be. But more on that later.

+Another lazy brunch day.

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