My Early Fall 2020 Bucket List

Fall 2020 Bucket List

The last time I did a bucket list was going into the winter of 2020. I had all this optimism and excitement for the year ahead and then the coronavirus derailed a lot of plans and sent us New Yorkers indoors. I didn’t even bother doing one for the spring.

The coronavirus changed the viability of my winter bucket list and it remained mostly incomplete. I didn’t plan a fun trip (still don’t know if I am ready for that just yet), go to see A West Side Story with my mom (all the theaters are closed) or complete plans for a personal reading challenge (I had been in a reading slump for months). I’m going through a phase now where I feel more or less adjusted to this “new normal” and ready to start planning for more activities than I have in the last six months.

Continuing….Game Nights

My family and I have been doing game nights since April. It started as a way to have something to look forward to while options were so limited. We take turns hosting, providing food and drink and choosing the game that will be played that night. We have a buy-in for each game night and the one with the most game points for the night gets to take home the winnings. It’s been fun to be able to expand in this way from when everything had to be planned and carried out virtually. We started this to give each of us a pick me up (a reason to get dressed up in something besides athleisure), but it has been so much fun that I am looking forward to continuing into the Fall and Winter. Spades, gin rummy and Monopoly are among our most played favorites.

Join A Wine Club

Before all this started (read: the pandemic) I had been a member of the Brooklyn Wine Exchange. I would journey out to Brooklyn on a weeknight after work to taste and make notes on various wines. Doing this regularly helped me to start to build a collection of wines that I like. I had a list that I could look for and ask for in the stores in my neighborhood. I probably won’t be able to go to classes anytime soon but I can take advantage of one of the many wine memberships that are available online. I’m deciding between this one from the WSJ and Winc on a recommendation from my aunt. This list from Food & Wine has lots of other options and I might consider one of those as well.

Apple Picking & Donut Eating

These plans are already in the works! On Friday I am meeting friends and driving out to Long Island for some time in the sun drinking wine, visiting the orchards where we will pick apples, tasting ciders and eating donuts. We’re planning to make a day of it. We’ll stop to pick up dinner to eat in my friend’s backyard. I can’t wait!

101 Things In 1001 Days

I did one of these a few year back and the power of making lists like this is impressive. For this last part of the year I will be working on firming up the things I would like to do over the next two years or so. I started writing my list way back in December 2019 and then dropped it with the developments over the last few months. I want to continue to planning this list with the idea of starting later on this year or possible starting out fresh in 2021. I might want to wait and have the good vibes of a new year! I will likely track and do updates here on my blog but Day Zero Project has a tracker and lots of suggestions for things you might want to tackle over the next 1001 days.

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