My Winter 2020 Bucket List

The Rink At Rockefeller Center / Nicole Bonia

Today I’m sharing my Winter 2020 bucket list. I want to visit some sites I have yet to see, go somewhere warm and fun, and maybe see a show. The original draft I came up with was goal heavy. There is plenty I want to focus on in the early part of the new year; things I want for my website, my podcast, what I want for work and in my personal life with my friends and family. This New Year is serious business. There were a lot of highlights of 2019 but it was also a challenging year personally and professionally. I’m looking forward to turning a leaf, and even though I know that starting a new year is largely symbolic I’m looking forward to the fresh start.

And without further ado, I give you my 2020 Winter Bucket List.

1. Plan a Fun Trip.

I had planned to do much more traveling than I did, but circumstances go in the way. I did manage a big trip to Hong Kong and Bangkok with my girlfriends. So glad I got to do that, and looking forward to getting something on the books for the early part of this year if possible.

2. Host a dinner party gathering with friends.

My apartment is too small to host a gathering of more than a few people. I have been researching appropriate venues where I might be able to bring a bunch of people together. I have met a lot of new friends that I would love to meet older friends that I have known for years. This could possibly be carried over to a spring outing. I’ll see how lazy I’m feeling this winter.

3. Visit The Whitney Museum/ The Museum of Modern Art.

Museums are always a mixed bag. Tastes vary and one person’s favorite museum is one that another can’t stand. The Whitney relocated to my neighborhood and I still haven’t been. Partly because it’s always packed on the weekends. But I keep getting those brochures, invitations for memberships and general welcomes to the neighborhood. Brunch and a stroll over to see the exhibits is in order.

4. Rockefeller Center & The Christmas Window Displays

It’s not the same catching a glimpse of the tree and the shop windows as I speed on by. Real fast, I’m going to go by for a proper visit.

5. Mulled Wine, Spiked Warm Apple Cider & Ginger Cookies

Lately when I’m out on the town a bourbon-based cocktail is what I’m inclined to order. I had a glass of warm spiked cider when I went to Rolf’s, but I am looking forward to an evening at home to do it right, with ginger snap cookies!

6. West Side Story

Never read it. Haven’t seen the movie. Heard a lot about it. Mom wants to see it. Enough said.

7. Personal Reading Challenge

Last year I tried a couple of reading challenges. Popsugar, The 52 A Year and Gayle’s Every Day I Write The Book Blog 2019 Reading Challenge . I came this close to finishing the Popsugar Challenge and had mixed results with the others. For 2020, I plan on setting forth my own goals and challenges and will probably track my reading against a few of the others as well.

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