National Boss Day: 4 Fictional Bosses You’re Glad You Don’t Have

There’s a day for almost everything but National Boss Day got me thinking about some recent fiction reads, and people I’m glad are not in any position of authority over me. While most bosses aren’t perfect, I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t want to have to work for any of these characters.

The Rephaim (The Bone Season by Samantha Shannon) Alien and often mean, this group of creatures has been siphoning off undesirable humans and putting them to work in their alternate world set up in what was Oxford, England. They’ve also been know to snack on their human employees. Eww.

Daniel Dickinson (The Purchase by Linda Spalding) Quakers are known for generally giving everyone a fair shake, but Daniel’s bumbling naivete makes him an unwitting, and even worse, careless slave owner. His kind of kindness gets you killed.

Brother Abbot (Sanctus by Simon Toyne) Brother Abbot is murderous, power-hungry, and maybe even slightly deranged. Ok, a lot deranged. He’s super into protecting “The Sacrament” and saving humans from their own stupidity. You have a fifty-fifty chance of living through a meeting with this man.

Stanislas Cordoba (Night Film by Marisha Pessl) His films have been rumored to drive people insane or cause them to suddenly stop speaking. Do you really think you would want to work for him?

Have any fictional bosses who give you the creeps? Share them!

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