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New Year’s Resolutions & Winter Preview

January 20th, 2022

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Nicole and Gayle discuss whether they achieved 2021 reading goals and talk about 2022 objectives for their reading routine. After giving us an update on what books they’ve finished, both present 7 books they want to read this year. 

2021 Book Wrap Up

December 9th, 2021

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In this episode, Nicole and Gayle are going to go over their best books with a book wrap-up for the year. Gayle prepared the categories so that they could talk about them. Some fun topics like their top fiction and nonfiction books, their biggest surprises, or best audiobooks. Also, they’re giving an update on what their schedule looks like for the rest of the year and the first quarter of 2022.

2021 Gift Guide For Book Lovers

November 18th, 2021

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We’re so excited to publish this new episode where Nicole and Gayle make their own book recommendations. With this guide, you’ll have the perfect inspiration of what gifts to buy to surprise your loved ones with page-turner books or other non-book ideas that we know any avid reader would love.

Discussing Upcoming Netflix Book Club

november 5th, 2021

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In this episode Nicole and Gayle mention the books they’ve finished reading, they discuss the upcoming Netflix Book Club, and they also extensively discuss their own book clubs and how they pick books to read.

Books That Play With Time

October 21st, 2021

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In this episode, Nicole and Gayle talk a little about their current reads, an exciting upcoming movie adaptation of a well-known romance novel mentioned in a previous episode. The main theme of this show is time travel or books that play with time, waste no more of it, and listen to this episode for amazing book recommendations on the topic.

2021 Fall Nonfiction Preview

september 6th, 2021

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In this episode, Nicole and Gayle talk about the newly published Nonfiction books that have caught their eye this fall. They also talk about some of the books they are currently reading.

2021 Fall Fiction Preview

september 21st, 2021

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In this episode, Gayle and Nicole do a preview of their picks on fall fiction preview, get ready because there’s quite a list!

Paper shortage crisis, printed books are being hard to find or to publish new editions. They theorize that’s a consequence of the current world situation, people staying at home might be preferring to choose paper to give their eyes a break.

Our Vacation Reads and Challenges Update

september 8, 2021

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In this episode, Gayle and Nicole go over their vacation reads, and they discuss how traumatic events in fiction books tend to be happening more often than it usually does in real life, which can lead to a feeling of being overfed with trauma while reading the story.

End of Summer Catch Up & Vacation Reading Picks

august 24, 2021

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In this episode, Nicole and Gayle discuss their Vacation Reading Picks and they do a summer catch-up after they’ve been on trips and vacations.

Summer Paperbacks! Just In Time For Vacation

August 10, 2021

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Gayle and Nicole discuss books coming out this summer in paperback that are worth picking up if you missed them in hardcover.

Books We Still Want To Read This Summer

july 15, 2021

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In this episode, Gayle and Nicole talk about the summer 2021 books they are still hoping to read, even though summer is basically half over. They have a lot to do.

First Half 2021 Reading Wrapup

july 1, 2021

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Gayle and Nicole look back on the last six months of reading: what has worked for them, how their reading lives have changed, standout reads, and stats.

June Is Audiobook Month! Here’s the latest in audiobook trends

june 22, 2021

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In this episode, Gayle and Nicole chat with the bookseller, podcaster, and Libro.FM ambassador Claire Handscombe about how the pandemic affected audiobook usage, diversity in audio narration, and what she’s been listening to lately.

Books Featuring The Dark Side of Suburbia

june 2, 2021

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Gayle and Nicole discuss books about the dark side of suburbia: how people who are different are often mistreated or excluded, how darkness and evil can live under the surface and how society’s ills – racism, environmental issues, abuse – often play out amid idyllic surroundings. They also discuss this month’s book club pick: Good Neighbors by Sarah Langan.

Books About “Wives”, “Girls”, “Sisters” And “Mrs.”: We Pick Our Faves

may 20, 2021

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Has the trend of titling books with “wife”, “girl”, “sister” or “Mrs.” shown any sign of letting up? In this episode, Gayle and Nicole discuss the idea of making main female characters anonymous through this type of title. They also discuss their favorite books with these words in the title.

2021 Summer Book Preview

may 6, 2021

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Gayle and Nicole have scoured the summer book previews from across the web and found the books that look most exciting. Start making your summer TBR now! They also declare a winner of the 2021 Readerly Report March Madness Tournament.

March Madness The Final Four

may 5, 2021

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In this mini-episode, we discuss the Final Four in our 2021 March Madness Tournament: Sing, Unburied, Sing vs Long Bright River, and In The Dream House vs There There.

Paperbacks & Books Set In Summer, We’re Ready For The Hot Weather

april 22, 2021

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Gayle and Nicole discuss all the paperbacks that have come out over the last four months and talk about…not beach reads, but books actually set in summer.

Unfaithful: 16 Memorable Books Featuring Infidelity

april 8, 2021

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In this episode, Gayle and Nicole talk about memorable books they’ve read with plots that center around infidelity. We also do Round 2 of March Madness, bringing the Sweet Sixteen down to the Elite Eight.

2021 March Madness: Round 1

march 25, 2021

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Gayle and Nicole kick off Round 1 of the 2021 March Madness tournament, where we narrow down the best book that we’ve both read in the last two years. (We had some input from our Facebook fans as well.) Tune in to find out which books will move on to the next round!

2021 Spring Book Preview

march 12, 2021

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Has spring ever felt as welcome – and needed – as it does this year? In addition to warmer temps, longer days, and the hope of ample vaccines, there are also a lot of promising books coming out this spring. Here are some of the ones that caught our eye.

Love Stories We Love

February 25, 2021

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This week, in keeping with the Valentine’s Day theme, Gayle and Nicole share their favorite love stories. With love taking all sorts of forms – unrequited, mature, obsessive, triangulated. We also have our book club discussion about His Only Wife by Peace Adzo Medie.

An Anti-Racist Fiction Reading List

february 12, 2021

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This week, Gayle and Nicole share their favorite books about anti-racism. We’re extending our giveaway to Feb 25th. Three free months of audiobooks from

Kicking Off 2021: A New Year For The Readerly Report!

February 4, 2021

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We hope that your 2021 is off to a good start. We are back from our hiatus and kicking off 2021 for The Readerly Report. In this episode, we talk about our 2021 reading resolutions, our plans for the show this year, and, of course, what we’ve been reading.