The Drinking Break

I didn’t drink for the month of February and so far I am still sober. A week into my dry February I picked up a book called Quit Like A Woman: The Radical Choice Not To Drink In A World Obsessed With Alcohol by Holly Whitaker. It is a fascinating book. There’re a lot of facts about the detriments of drinking and the strenuous and savvy market pushes to get women to imbibe against our better judgment, and how quitting on a man’s terms (via Alcoholics Anonymous) has its own hazards as well. Those were interesting bits, but my fascination lay in the self-care aspects. Her perspective on freeing herself up from alcohol is that she was able to attend to her needs and pursue the life she always wanted to have with compassion and clarity.

A friend asked me what I was looking forward to drinking on March 1st, and I had no idea. I wasn’t anticipating being able to drink again. I don’t miss it. Last month I read a lot more, slept better, and make significant progress on some projects I had going on around the house. After I adjusted to not reaching for a glass of wine after work or with dinner, I haven’t thought to want it. I would, though, love to have one of these warm donuts from Locande Verde!

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