The Readerly Report | An Anti-Racist Fiction Reading List

An Anti-Racist Fiction Reading List

This week, Gayle and Nicole share their favorite books about anti-racism. We’re extending our giveaway to Feb 25th. Three free months of audiobooks from

Narrative fiction can be very powerful in instilling empathy and helping readers understand other people’s lives. In this episode, we share a list of narrative fiction/memoirs that can serve to make the Black experience more accessible to any reader and bring about perspective and understanding.

33 Anti-Racist Fiction Books and Shows

The Boys Club (Gayle’s review here)Erica KatzAmazonBookshop
The Last Story of Mina LeeNancy Jooyun KimAmazonBookshop
A Very Punchable Face (Gayle’s review here)Colin JostAmazonBookshop
White Ivy (Gayle’s review here)Susie YangAmazonBookshop
The Kiss Quotient (Gayle’s review here)Helen HoangAmazonBookshop
Big Girl, Small Town (Gayle’s review here)Michelle GallenAmazonBookshop
Firefly Lane on NetflixKristian HannahAmazonBookshop
Bridgerton on NetflixJulia QuinnAmazonBookshop
Conversations With Friends (Gayle’s review here)Sally RooneyAmazonBookshop
PassingNella LarsenAmazonBookshop
The Twelve Tribes Of HattieAyana MathisAmazonBookshop
The Travelers (Gayle’s review here)Regina PorterAmazonBookshop
The World According to Fannie DavisBridgett DavisAmazonBookshop
Sing, Unburied, Sing (Gayle’s review here)Jesmyn WardAmazonBookshop
A Life ApartL.Y. MarlowAmazonBookshop
The Nickel Boys (Gayle’s review here)Colson WhiteheadAmazonBookshop
When No One Is WatchingAlyssa ColeAmazonBookshop
Transcendent Kingdom (Gayle’s review here)Yaa GyasiAmazonBookshop
Homegoing (Gayle’s review here)Yaa GyasiAmazonBookshop
No One Is Coming To Save UsStephanie Powell WattsAmazonBookshop
The Great GatsbyF. Scott FitzgeraldAmazonBookshop
Jump At The Sun (Gayle’s review here)Kim McLarinAmazonBookshop
The Taste Of SaltMartha SouthgateAmazonBookshop
KindredOctavia ButlerAmazonBookshop
Silver Sparrow (Gayle’s review here)Tayari JonesAmazonBookshop
Red At The BoneJacqueline WoodsonAmazonBookshop
Memorial DriveNatasha TrethewayAmazonBookshop
That Kind Of Mother (Gayle’s review here)Rumaan AlamAmazonBookshop
Green (Gayle’s review here)Sam Graham-FelsenAmazonBookshop
Real American (Gayle’s review here)Julie Lythcott-HaimsAmazonBookshop
Black Is The BodyEmily BernardAmazonBookshop
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Let us know your favorite books about race or anti-racism! We hope you enjoyed this episode of the Readerly Report. Gayle and I would love to hear about your favorite books about these topics.

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