Charles Dickens: A Christmas Carol Pop Up Book by Charles Fischer & Paper Engineer, Bruce Foster

Anyone who has glimpsed A Christmas Carol: A Pop-Up Book, by Charles Fischer & Bruce Foster knows that it is a delight. I was on my way out when this package arrived, so I took the box with me to meet a friend at Starbucks, and I had barely gotten it out of the box when a woman came over wondering what it was because it looked so pretty from afar.

There are six panels and each of them is wonderfully gorgeous, fun and intricately depicts key scenes from A Christmas Carol – the neighborhood, Marley and each of the ghosts get a panel. I spent several minutes poring over each panel, amazed by the scenes – the people and neighborhoods in each one. The story is very present in the drawings, but I did wonder how the whole thing could be told in just six pages. So get this, the book has little mini-pockets on each page which miniature booklet with a section of A Christmas Carol, and it is not abridged, so you get the whole story. You can almost consider the book like a play and the panels are the settings for each scene. What I love about this is that it makes it easy to share this book among people of all ages. You can make up the stories and explain the pictures to your little ones, and give more of the story to them as they are growing up. Finally they will want to read the book on their own.  I loved playing with it, and hey if you take it places you might meet some people.

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