Just What Kind of Mother Are You? by Paula Daly

The interesting thing about Just What Kind of Mother Are You? is that Lisa Kallisto’s lapse in attention doesn’t bring about tragedy for her own child, but instead for one of her friend’s children. Paula Daly writes in an easy and straightforward manner, and throws in quite a few surprises as Lisa’s emotional state runs the gamut between guilt, shame and the desire to escape the spotlight and responsibility. I really liked the dynamics of the friendship Daly showed in the relationship between Lisa and Kate – the friction that can arise when women of different socioeconomic backgrounds attempt a friendship, Lisa’s relationship with her husband, and her dissatisfaction with their lives. I also enjoyed the looks into the investigating detective’s life. The novel is a portrait of life in this small town. My only nagging issue is the lack of tension I felt throughout most of the book, but I can’t quite out my finger on why that was. Still, an enjoyable mystery.

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