My Book Club Reads Other Books Too (2)

I am still tuckered out from all of the excitement from Book Expo America and the Book Blogger Convention that I am not ready to talk about all the books I saw and the bloggers I met, so until that time, I will leave you a second installment of some of the books that my reading club friends are reading.

+My friend R.T. is reading two books.  One, A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens,  is a classic that I haven’t read since the fifth grade and the other a book that I have heard so much about, that it is a wonder that I haven’t read it already.  R.T. says that she like Loved Walked In so much, that she just might make it a book club selection.

Once again I am reading two books. One is Love Walked In by Marisa de los Santos. I am really enjoying this book. It’s the story of 2 girls, Clare and Cornelia. Clare is 11 years old and is abandoned by her mentally ill mother. She tries to fend for herself but eventually ends up having to rely on her somewhat unreliable father. Cornelia is a young woman who hasn’t found her calling yet and is hoping for love while working in a coffee shop. Turns out Cornelia is dating Martin, Clare’s father, and the two girls come together unexpectedly and develop a bond.

The book alternates chapters between Cornelia’s story and Clare’s. I like it because they are both interesting characters that you can really identify with and root for. When the two come together and you see each one come to trust and care for the other it’s touching and funny and heart-breaking all at the same time. Unlike other books, you aren’t quite sure how it’s going to end and you aren’t sure who will end up with whom. I am reading it with my girlfriend and we each have our own theories which is fun.

The other book I am reading is a classic – A Tale of Two Cities, by Charles Dickens. I never read this classic book and wasn’t sure what to expect. Some classics are heavier and more cumbersome than others. Thankfully I am really enjoying this as well. The language is a bit tough so I have to read some sentences twice to make sure I get it. But, it’s actually kind of fun deciphering things and once you get into the flow of the language then the story comes alive. Sometimes stories set back so far in history are hard for me to get into. Not true here. The plot is already engaging and I felt invested in Lucie from the start.

Another friend of mine, J.P., usually likes to read non-fiction, but right now she just finished  delving into some historical fiction, which as you know is a favorite around here.  J.P. makes Sex Wars sound like a book that I would love to check out.  The title is very misleading to me.  I think that I was expecting a nonfiction sociological study on the difference between the sexes. Here is what she had to say about that book and also the new one that she is reading.

Sex Wars, by Marge Piercy, which was an amazing historical fiction piece about NYC after the Civil War. One of the things I most love about the book is that it focuses on the strengths of women during this time and how they effected change. Most notably women such as susan b anthony, elizabeth stanton and Victoria woodhull. Throw in the mix Cornelious Vanderbuilt and anthony comstock, two unsavory men wielding their power and you’ve got plenty of struggle and drama. These women are up of the challenge. I found the stories inspirational and engrossing and highly recommend this book.

Just started Noelle Oxenhandler’s The Wishing Year: A House, A Man, My Soul. I’m only on page 65 now, but already enjoy her conversational writing style. It’s as if shes sitting next to me in the room telling me her story.

What are your bookish pals reading?

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