The Age Of Consent by Geoffrey Wolf

I was drawn in by this book if a little frustrated. I of course wanted to know the mystery behind Maisie taking a dive in the lake. The story was deeply connected with that of her parents, and the unfolding of the story of the parents was interesting as they meet and follow the enigmatic Doc Halliday in college and go on to center their lives around him. Halliday suggests that they start a commune of sorts in Upstate New York, and gets away with all manner of nonsense in seemingly every area of their lives. I think what pushed this book into the realm of being forgettable is that it becomes unrealistic to me after awhile that all the family was at the complete mercy of one man and that no one came to their senses before they were able to avert tragedy. By the end I was reading only to see how it was all going to come to an end.

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