Tasting Notes: The Gold Rush

The Gold Rush cocktail is a variant of whiskey sour, and one of my favorite drinks. It’s refreshing enough that it works for me during the hot summer months, but the bourbon practically ensures that it makes an appearance in the winter months as well.

My first Gold Rush cocktail was on one of my outings to  Sotto 13. I was surprised to discover that it’s a “classic”, cocktail being that it was my first time encountering it. It was delicious and I’ve been hooked ever since! It has opened me up to the world of bourbon and bourbon cocktails.

The trick for this sour cocktail is balance. The sweet and tart flavors of the honey and lemon should have the same levels so that neither overpowers the other. This balance of flavors makes way for the richness of the bourbon- the main ingredient of this classy drink. High proof bourbons work particularly well for the Gold Rush. 90 proof bourbons are ideal. This drink is perfection; a hint of sweetness, a taste of honey, and the sharp sourness of lemon.

How to make a Gold Rush Cocktail

2 ounces of Bourbon
¾ ounces of Honey syrup
½ – ¾ ounces of fresh lemon juice

Mix all the ingredients with ice until the drink becomes very cold.
Add small amounts of fresh lemon juice if needed in order to balance the sourness and sweetness, and to be sure it doesn’t overpower the bourbon.
Strain the mixed drink into a chilled cocktail stem or serve it in rocks glass.
Serve with lemon twist or with brandied cherry.

Image Credit:
Nicole Bonia

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