The Weekender | No. 3

I am a bear in the winter.

Besides work, the occasional dinner, book club or special event, I love to be at home. With the time changing and the last rays of sun disappearing from the sky later and later each evening there is a comparable upswing in my desire to go out. I am so excited that my seasons of outdoor reading and socializing is close at hand.

This week, I attended the Daisy Jones & The Six book launch with Mari, had lunch at Tue Thai with my aunt, attended Company’s Women’s International Women’s Day Event, and had dinner with friends at a new-to-me wine bar, Pierre Loti.

Also This…

  • I dnf’ed a book this week. It pains me because it was a relatively short book. Only 238 pages! I only had 60 pages left and I was just bored and irritable every time I picked it up and started reading. In the end I just let it go, and finished this book, which I really loved.
  • Gayle and I are indulging in some March Madness to figure out a favorite book that we have read in common.
  • Have you seen this NPR book app? I am would love something similar for the blog.
  • This Eater article about the #MeToo impact, restaurants and who’s still eating at establishments owned the scandal-plagued men was thought-provoking. Even though the title is more click-bait than indicative of the actual article content.
  • I’m in the middle of A Game of Thrones re-watch leading up to its finale season and this guide has been all kinds of helpful.
  • Loved this breakdown on getting more sleep, at all ages.
  • I have met up with friends for drinks and quite literally had to scream at them from across the table so the idea of this app is intriguing.
  • Who else is going to be all over this documentary?
  • I shared a few favorite natural skincare items that are my go-tos.

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